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Side Effects May Vary - review

Hello guys!

Today I bring you my opinion of Side Effects May Vary by Ellis Reid!

Isn't this cover super interesting and curious?

This book is about a young couple of two girls who love each other. They marry. They have a child. But then, one discovers that she has Alzheimer.  They live complicated and difficult times together: so much pain, wasn't it all easier if they simply ended with all?
Until, a cure is discovered. Apparently, this cure eliminates the disease entirely and allows the person to resume her life as she was before. 
The celebrations last a short time. It is discover that the developers of the cure are keeping a dark secret about the cure. This one is actually far worse than the disease. 

This was an interesting read. With plenty of suspense, Ellis built this incredible futuristic world.
I really was amazed about how well Ellis described all the suffering and the life of an Alzheimer patient. While reading, I felt that the author had experience and knowledge about what she was writing and this made things so real! This part of the book was probably my favorite one.

However, I think that the main story wasn't so well developed as the rest. I felt that something was missing. Something that made me feel that this situation was possible. Scientists aren't so irresponsible, they spend years investigating medicines to make sure they are good to the world's health. But this doesn't mean I didn't like the main story. I liked it. I just don't like the way that this all started.
I have to confess that in the last pages there were some attitudes that  annoyed me a little. I was like "C'mon ... What are you waiting for ? Stop being so stupid." . But I can live with that.
I have to confess, too, that I wasn't expecting what happened and how much the cure was worse than the disease like OMG. I wasn't expecting this. 
And that finale... I have feelings Reid!!!

Overall, I consider this book a good read but I feel that with some adjustments it could be better. Nevertheless, I really liked the suspense, the deepness and the moral of the story.

Classification: 3,7/5

Thank you so much for sending me your book, Ellis! For a debut this was pretty good!

With love,
-Banal Girl 

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  1. Parece-me interessante esse livro, na medida em que aborda o tema da doença de Alzheimer e gostava de ler uma história sobre isso.

  2. Parece super interessante!

  3. Felizmente não tenho ninguém próximo que tenha a doença de Alzheimer, mas é importante que se fale e se partilhe experiências para podermos enfrentar esta dura realidade. Parece-me um livro interessante.

  4. Este tipo de livros são sempre importantes porque ajudam-nos a ter maior conhecimento e consciência de problemas assustadores como é a doença de alzheimer