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Passatempo 6 marcadores

Boa tarde!!

Em parceria com a Catarina do blogue Nerd e Chique , que por sua vez tem uma parceria com a autora Martina Romero venho-vos apresentar um passatempo onde podem ganhar 6 marcadores!

*podes ver os marcadores com mais pormenor no final do post*

Monstress e o prémio “Hugo Award”

Olá!! Boa tarde!

A novela gráfica Monstress da autoria de  Marjorie Liu e ilustrada por Sana Takeda ganhou o prémio “Hugo Award”, na sua categoria. 

Blacklist, Opinião/ Review

Olá!! Hello!

Primeiro que tudo, quero pedir desculpas pela minha ausência, mas já não me sinto atraída pelo meu blog em termos de design e ainda  ando no processo de o mudar.
First of all, I want to apologize for my absence, but I am no longer attracted by my blog in terms of design and I'm still in the process of changing it.
Hoje trago a minha opinião do livro Blacklist de Alyson Noel. Uma vez que este livro existe tanto em português como em inglês, decidi fazer a minha opinião em ambas as línguas.
Today, I bring my opinion of the book Blackist by Alyson Noel. Since this book exists in both Portuguese and English, I decided to give my opinion in both languages.

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 The ebook is available wide across multiple vendors. In addition, the ebook will be going on sale for $0.99 on Aug 15-17. The giveaway will be open Aug 12 - 31, offer an author-signed copy of the paperback to three lucky winners, is open to all, and merely requires sending a tweet to join.

Nobody mourns the collapse of chivalry as they should. The regression of knights from their historical roles as mounted heroes, nobles, and stewards of the king's justice to common gutter trash riding in wrinkled, red uniforms is a symptom of a greater disease. When we lost our knights in shining armor, we lost that which shines within ourselves.

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Select - review


         I received one ARC of this book in exchange of an honest opinion and I am so excited to be able to show you my opinion of this good book!!! Here we go!