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Select - review


         I received one ARC of this book in exchange of an honest opinion and I am so excited to be able to show you my opinion of this good book!!! Here we go!

In Select we meet the seventeen-year-old Julia Jaynes, a athletic, disconcertingly beautiful and smart girl who comes from a race of highly-envolved humans. Julia and her group are forced to hide their abilities. When Julia makes a mistake and threatens the disguise of her group, her father sends her to a public high school. Julia as to prove that she is capable of being unnoticed and deserves to be part of her group. 
However, when she discovers that her father has been hiding dangerous secrets, the girl starts to question everything she believed to be true. While fighting for truth, Julia seeks to find her true self.

I really liked this book. From the characters to the events, I was amazed and addicted to this book.
With well-built characters, Marit Wiesenberg engages us in an incredible and captivating worldI got so addicted on this book that I read it very quickly. 
I identified myself a lot with the main character since she realizes, little by little, that she knows little about herself and wants to find who she really is. I think that it's something we all want to do: Understand and know who we really are. 
Relatively to the romance: I liked it! I loved the development of their friendship and then the development of their feelings.I found it quite unique but credible.
To add, the writing was very simple, clean and addictive which made the book a quick but fascinating read.
The book ended with an amazing cliffhanger that I was not expecting!

 My rating for this book is 4.6 out of 5.
It is an amazing debut novel and I really want to know what will happen next!

Thanks to Marit Wiesenberg and Charlesbridge teen! I cannot wait to read the continuation!
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