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Tompkin's School For the Extraordinary Talented, review

Hi guys!

Today I bring you my review of the amazing book Tompkin's School For the Extraordinary Talented. Ready?

Tompkin's School For the Extraordinary Talented  is a unique and super exciting YA. It follows Izara Torvik, a strong and funny girl who sees her life changing when she is sent with her twin brother to a boarding school in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. 

She quickly realizes that neither she nor the school are exactly what they seem to be. Izara will fight with her inner demons and with the deep desire of kill.

I must confess that in the first pages of this book I was a little confused. Aside from starting slowly, the initial events did not captivate me. However, when we begin to discover some weird things, everything becomes more interesting. It's a book full of plot twists that makes us suspect of everything. It is quite mysterious but always with his YA side that I like so much.
The story is much more "darker" than we are led to believe at first, but it is so well developed and worked that you will be very admired and intrigued with the course that the book follows.
The main action is undoubtedly a super original and interesting idea. I would never remember something like this, it is so different of what we are used to.
The writing is simple but it allows us to feel that we are there living the moment with the characters.

I was not expecting this to be such an addictive read. It was a great surprise.

I am very happy with this reading. I think if I had to change something in this book, I would only change the cover, which I do not like very much. I'm sure the book would attract a lot more people if the cover was other.

Know more about the author: her site , instagram & facebook !
My rating is 4.1 out of 5.
I recommend this book to all who love suspense and paranormal YA books! It's a great choice!

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  1. Não é o meu género, mas deixou aqui um interesse no ar :p

  2. Um livro com um lado negro que não seria uma primeira escolha de leitura para mim. Mas, às vezes, há que tentar livros diferentes.