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Zillow Stone & The Unholy One , review


 Today I bring you my review of Zillow Stone & The Unholy One

Thank you so much Brindi for sending me your book! :)


"You are that pink flower, Zillow," my grandfather told me. "And one day, the black rose will come for you."

Trough this book, Brindi takes us to a different society where exists Markers and Prags.  
When a person turns twenty, she can be marked by a marker and becoming a prag. If this happens, the prag has to run for his life since, if his marker catch him, he will die. 
Markers are born with extreme lust for prags, they chase them like a game and they kill them just for fun. 

In this book, we met Zillow Stone, she is marked by an Unholy one (a marker) and now she has to run for her life.

I confess that I was a little hesitant with this book since I don't like the cover. It seems that the book is a children book or something like that! But oh man, I was so wrong. And this is the true meaning of the quote: "Don't judge a book by its cover" as I hated the cover but loved the book!!!

I am found of this amazing world that Brindi created! It is so good: it is unique, distinct and powerful.
The chapters are short,  there is lots of action and tension!!!
I loved how determined and powerful Zillow is. C'mon, she is being hunted but she isn't crying or making a scene! She is fighting ( in this case, running) and she is positive!!

"I, Zillow Stone, was a marked one, and I was going to win."

However, I didn't liked the fact that everyone was always saying how good she was. Compared with others, she was always better what did things a little bit unrealistic.

Overall I really liked this book, and I am so anxious for the next one!! I NEED MORE!!

Of course I  advise you all to read this book! :)

With love,

-Banal Girl


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