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The Lost Soul - review

Hi guys!

Today I am here to talk about The Lost Soul by K.S.Marsden. 
This book is about one magic world, called Enchena, were the King Hrafn's wants to gain more power and contain the rebels that are against him. In order to gain more power, he needs the "Lost Soul", a person that is considered to have more power than the king.
David and Samantha, two humans that never heard about Enchena, are forced to enter that world and to be part of the story. Will they help the rebels or the king?

In this book we have lots of mystic creatures. That was probably one of the things that I liked the most.

In the first 90 pages I was really enjoying this book but then there were some pages that were unacessary and boring and I was disapponted. To add, there were some characters that really annoyed me and I was like "please, go away".
However, I continued reading and then I found really interesting aspects that I liked.

The writing style is good and simple and there are some parts that I really could see what the author was describing and that is pretty cool.

I confess that I was expecting more. Nevertheless, I felt in 70 % of the time, while I was reading, that it was a good read.

I rate this book with 3.4 in 5.

What about you, have you ever listened about this book?

With love,
Banal Girl   

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