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Stranger, Father, Beloved - Review


I am so late with this review!! Sorry!!
But, here we go!!

This book talks about this family that is fracturing and its descent into chaos.
 It focus in the man who considers that probably her wife would have been happier if she had marry with someone funny and extroverted like her. For that reason, he does everything he can to make her wife be with other men. 
In another plan, we have Ryan, their beautiful and teenager daughter that is discovering things about herself and about sexuality. 


This lovely and deep book is a debut novel of mental angst and psychological intrigue.
I confess that it was a little bit hard to get in this book; It is a really mature book that is so out of my comfort zone. 
 This book makes you reflect about your life, your choices and the world that surrounds you. It demands a little bit of attention and maturity as it deals with suffering and mental illness.
The story that Taylor Larsen tell us is so awkward and so complicated. However, it is the reality that we most of the times don't want to face. It is the raw true. 
I really enjoyed how the author described the scenes with a serious humor and sarcasm. This is one of those books that through the writing and through the main story makes you think I lot. 
When I finished this book I was not able to write a review; My head was full of thoughts and I had not decided what I thought of the book in general. Later, I remember that if a book made you reflect, is because it meant something and it is good. Right now, it is how I classify this book: as a hard book to read but that makes you reflect about all the aspects of your life and that is quite amazing!

Congrats Taylor, it is an awesome debut!! :)

With love,

Banal Girl

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  1. Às vezes, quando os factos são difíceis é mais fácil olhar para o lado. Deve ser um livro interessante por nos fazer pensar e reflectir sobre a nossa vida.