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Shimmer and Burn - Review

Hi guys!

Shimmer and Burn was sent to me by Mary Taranta in exchange of a honest review. For that reason, I am here, today, to do that!

This review refers to the ARC of this novel. 

In Shimmer and Burn we meet Faris, a strong, independent and hardworking girl who wants to protect her sister, Cadance. In order to be happy and free, Faris want to escape form the kingdom in which she dwells: Brindaigel. However, it is believed that the surrounding territories are not safe once they have been consumed by a big plague. For this reason, the king forbids the departure of his kingdom. 
When Faris' plan  to escape fails and her sister is arrested, Faris want, more than everything to free her sister. For that reason, Faris makes a deal with the power-hungry Princess Bryn who wants to steal the throne from her father.
Faris will live difficult and cruel times with magic to the mixture. 


At the beginning I was loving this book. In the first pages, I was even more eager to read this book because it was so cool!! However, I think that in the middle, this book has become a little dull and confusing. There were several things that I did not understood. There were several moments that I found this book very slow. There were several episodes that happened that I had troubles finding the importance of their existence. Nevertheless, 100 pages to end, the rhythm of this book increased and it turned really awesome, again! :)

Although I really liked the author's writing, this one can become a bit complex, sometimes.
Another point that I feel I need to highlight is the fact that this is not a fairy tale; We can see  desperation, sadness and darkness.  
 I really enjoyed how the magic was approached in a different and creative way. Not as something perfect and incredible but as something that, like everything else in life, can be dark and dangerous. 

Although I found this book a little complex and dull in the middle, I really feel that it has potential and, because of the way it ended, I can't wait to read the next one!

My final rating for this book is 3.7 out of 5.

This book will be out in August, know more: http://marytaranta.com/ 

With love,
Banal Girl


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