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Eternal Darkness, review

Today I bring you my opinion of the book Eternal Darkness.

Eternal Darkness has a whole new world which is divided between humans and cyborgs.  Our main character, Scarlet Lock, is neither. Her memory has been erased and the first person that she sees is actually a cyborg, Sam. With the help of a group of cyborgs, Scarlet soon discovers that this new world is a dangerous place, full of government secrets and cruel experiments performed in the name of progress. 

J.F. Johns, creats a world quite different from what I had read. I think the details were very well explained and on the right time. In consequence, the book wasn’t boring in the moments of introduction to the world.

I must say that there were a few moments that reminded me of Hunger Games. For example, the fact that the lands were divided into capitals and Capital 1 was the most luxurious; Or the fact that there is a sign of revolution that protesters use against the regime. Yes, there is also a revolution against the government.
I confess that I loved the characters. Scarlet is a character that is looking for her true self  (relatable) and grows up throughout the book. And what about Eric? I love him! I know that what I will say must seem weird, but I really like Madeleine. She is a cyborg who is always messing around with everyone, specially Scarlet, or as she calls her, "Scarface". I think that she is a very different character with a really funny way of being.

Another detail of the book that I really enjoyed were the little but really well-thought flashbacks that Scarlet had. They give us some clue about who she is/was and what happened to her. Btw, I love the whole story of who she is and why she exists.
With captivating writing, Johns has demonstrated that she is able to create a peculiar but captivating and interesting story with a really cool world. What about the end?? I could not have been more intrigued!
I rate this book with 4.3 in 5. 
When can I read the continuation??

ahah, I wish you a happy Christmas!

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  1. Boa tarde, eu não gosto muito de ficção, como tinha dito, e não sou muito fã da série Hunger Games mas, não se deve julgar o livro pela capa, poderia até ser interessante de ler, obrigada. :)

  2. Quando era adolescente gostava mais deste tipo de leitura.

  3. Não conheço o livro, mas parece ser um bom livro para os amantes deste género.