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We own the sky, review


Today I bring the review of the book We Own the sky. 
Thanks to the author for sending me your book. (This does not affect the honesty of my review). 

The main character of this book is Sylvia Baker, a 16-year-old musician who has always been different. Sylvia sees people that other people can't see, she calls them the flickering people.

When she sees a gorgeous flickering man named Vincent and starts to talk with him she learns that they are Muses.
Vicent wants to be her muse and inspire her to be a better musician and write her own songs.
Troubles appear when one of the original Greek Muses wakes to find a world in which the internet has given everyone the tools to be an artist, a battle between traditional and new methods of creation ensues. As Sylvia discovers how she is connected to the world of the Muses, she learns that this war may put her music, her love, her very life at stake. 

I think that this book is so original! Let me explain: 
I really liked the way that Sara described Sylvia's passion: music. It seems like Sylvia needs music to survive and that is soooo relatable! This shows how much power music has and how it can change a life. 
When I started reading this book, I was not expecting mythology content. (I usually read synopsis when accepting a book but then I forget them and when I start the book I don't know what it is about. I really like this method!! It makes you be more admired with what happens!) So, like I was saying, I was not expecting mythology things and I was sooo happy when they appeared! I love mythology and I loved the way it was developed. 
About the characters: I really liked them. They were different from each other but they had charisma. About the main relationship: First I thought it was very forced. I also thought that the boy (I will not tell his name cause I hate spoilersss) felt in love with every girl he saw and that is strange. 
What can I say about that cliffhanger in the end? I only can say that I am so excited to read more about Sylvia and Greek Mythology!
I rate this book with 4,1/5.

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  1. Boa noite, eu não gosto muito de ficção mas gosto de um toque de mitologia nos livros, acho interessante e estar ligado ao amor e à música, o que deve fazer um livro muito bonito de se ler, obrigada

  2. Eu não sou fã de mitologia, de modo que não sei se iria apreciar esta leitura.