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Wayward Stars, review

Today I am going to talk about Wayward Stars, the sequel to Starswept. You can read my review of the first book here.
Thanks to the author for sending me a copy!

A month has passed since Iris joined an underground rebel group to save Dámiul from the brutal prison he was sent to for fighting back against his world’s oppressive system. Here, conformity and compliance are enforced through telepathy, and Earthling performers are brainwashed into absolute obedience.
Word of a merciless crackdown on those who sympathize with their cause leaves both Iris and Dámiul yearning for action. Determined to liberate her kind, Iris volunteers to return to her former patrons and covertly recruit supporters.
A raid on their hideout catapults her plan into action sooner than expected and forces her to leave Dámiul behind. After persuading the authorities that she’d been telepathically manipulated into helping him, Iris assumes the role of a dutiful musician while secretly spreading whispers of a possible uprising among her fellow performers. But the authorities always seem to be one step ahead, and anyone who defies them is swiftly mind-wiped.
Soon, Iris is forced to confront a horrifying fact: there’s a traitor among them. Desperately clinging to her cover, she races to find out who before her true loyalties are discovered—and the search leads her to an unthinkable answer. 

Once again, I need to refer how lovely are the details of the photographs in the beginning of each chapter! Throught this we can see how much work the team put in this project.
I really enjoyed being able to see more of the alien language, Adryil. Seriously, I love the fact that the author created a whole new language.
With a captivating, clear and almost poetic writing, the author transports us back to this fantastic world. 
It was great to meet with these characters again. Characters that developed a lot in this book and demonstrate how strong and determined they are.
There are many catchy and interesting things in this book. However, I feel this book fell into the typical second book of rebellion, you see? For example, there are many sagas in which people of a certain system discover that there are many bad things happening, in the second book begin to revolt and then in the third they solve things with a great war and everything ends well .. I am afraid that this saga is following this path already so well known to us, readers.
I really liked this book but I didn't love it as I loved Starswept... I give this book 3,6. 

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