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Review (en) - From where I watch you

So hello, how are you?


 I'm sorry to all of my Portuguese readers, but I will talk about this book later, I hope.

I received this book from the author and I really liked! 
Read more to know why!

This book was really a surprise. I was excepting something cute and etc but I really liked how it turned out.
So, Kara is a young girl who wants to realize her dream: being a professional baker. She wants to escape from rainy Seattle to go to a culinary school, in California. She sees in a upcoming national baking a good opportunity to win a scholarship to the school that she wants to go. However, the odds aren’t in her favor. Her family is hunted by her sister’s ghost who died in a “drowning accident”. To make things worse, Kara has a stalker who knows everything about her life and he is sending her creepy notes.

I am so happy to had have the opportunity to read this book! I loved the romance, the suspense, the background history and the book’s design… I loved Kara and Charlie!
While reading this book, I felt that I wanted to know more about some parts and I felt that Kara relationship with her love ( xD) could have been more developed. However, I really liked this book and I am so happy that I read it! It is such an awesome YA Thriller and I recommend you to read it! Give it a try!

Thank you Shannon Grogan for sending me this book! I will wait to read more books written by you! You are a talented women!

With love,
-Banal Girl

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