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Even if the Sky falls - review


 *I'm sorry to all of my Portuguese readers, but I will talk about this book later, I hope.*

 When I found this book I was amazed. I loved the cover and the sinopse was so attractive !
 It was a lovely read!

Read more to know why!

 Julie, is a young girl that wants to escape from the troubles that she has at home. For that reason, she goes to New Orleans with her youth group in order to rebuilt houses.However, it doesn't work out and she, like we can read in the sinopse,  "feels more trapped than ever".
Trying to escape, again, Julie found a festivity/celebration that is tradicional in New Orlands: Mid-Summer Mardi Gras. This event has masked people, lights and hapiness.  
That is when she exchanges looks with "a tall, muscular boy with 'fro dyed electric blue hair." 
 Julie and this irresistible guy (with a complicated story of his own) make a deal: they will enjoy the night without thinking of their problems,  "no real names, no baggage" , no problems. 
Everything is wonderful until a hurricane threats the city and their lifes.

Again, I was hoping just a contemporary book with romance and cute things! Moreover, this book is more than that.In  Even if the sky falls  we found family essues, real life problems and the pursuit of happiness. 

I really liked Julie and Miles ( the boy with electric blue hair) and I admire their braveness and their capacity of chasing happiness even when seems that she doesn’t want to be chased and found. (I hope this makes sense to you! Ahah )

Even though I was never in New Orleans, I already love it!

With a vivid and enchanting writing, M. Garcia describes this story and New Orleans with humour, devotion and passion. 

Like Elizabeth Eulberg (author of Better Off Friends) said "Mia García's stunning debut is a reminder of how one night can change everyting."

 What about you? 
What are you waiting for reading this book? 

With love,
-Banal Girl

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